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What kind of towel must be used for drying after cleaning vehicle ?


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Sinan D.
Unit Manager

You can trust us on bringing extraordinary and perpetual income and innovation in your country or local area.We are going to solve all your organizational issues.

Rulomatik™ vending machines; It provides 7/24 sale of micro fiber car drying towels, car mats, sports towels, beach towels, worship products and many other products that we specially give away by coins, tokens or other payment systems.

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Rulomatik's head office is located in Bursa, which connects Europe and Asia. It is an international company that has production capabilities in the fields of software, hardware, mechatronics and electronics in the Bursa Organized Industrial Zone and has a production facility in a total of 2000 m² closed area and 1800 m² logistics centers in Çalı Organized Industrial Zone.

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Our towel, which we produce specially for vehicle drying, easily removes marks and stains on the surface where it is used. Microfiber based, does not leave pile or feather. Polishing feature. It has gained satisfaction of consumers who use it at vehicle cleaning.

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Rulomatik vending machines, produced in accordance with international production standards, have been updated as A, B, C, D and E series in accordance with the constantly developing technology since the day we started their operations. Rulomatik which sharing its production power with the whole world never compromises its superior performance even at temperatures between
-40 and +60 degrees.

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There are Rulomatik at more than 9000 car wash locations.

255 City
9.310 Location.

Microfiber car drying towel vending machines in more than 9000 car wash areas work like a bee.

Get into partnership with the world's largest disposable product vending machine manufacturer company!

Matches with more than 200 countries currency.

Multi-Language and Payments

Rulomatik vending machines offer more than seventy language options and accept currencies of more than two hundred countries. Banknote, Coin, Token, or Credit card.

Special Production for Continents

Rulomatik shares its production power with the whole world. By continent or even by country.

Special Color Options

With the color selection chart, you can create your Rulomatik vending machine fleet in any color you want.

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Rulomatik Distributorship
Patented product and proven business model.

Since the first day of our operations, the focus has been on strategic products that attract customers and guarantee profits. In order to be able to supply the demand, products specific to continents and countries were created and tested.

Rulomatik textile engineers combined the towels needed by the drivers who wash their cars to dry, clean and polish the cars with their special production formulas in a single microfiber car towel. It allowed drivers to constantly buy microfiber car towels at the same quality and economical price. Since 2011, automatic sales of microfiber car drying towels from internationally patented Rulomatik vending machines have continued to be made in every season of the year and at any time of the day. The components and designs that drivers can reach easily and comfortably are produced together in their technical production at the Rulomatik factories in Bursa.

We've solved thousands of problems. Recyclable raw materials are used to meet our high standards. We transfer our knowledge and experience we have gained in Eurasia to our new distributors / regional dealers who will join the Rulomatik family. We put all our knowledge in a network of distributorship/dealership. It takes an average of 6 weeks for Rulomatik to your country, region, and the investment pays off in 4-6 months.

We understand that choosing a job is a very important and responsible step where many problems arise. We've gone through this ourselves and will gladly share our experiences and best practices.

Leave your phone number in the form below and we will call you as soon as possible.

More than 9000 Rulomatik vending machines were installed. We know how to customize your car wash areas in your country.

We will take on any organizational concerns for you to start a profitable business.

We set out to realize the most incredible business partnership on the market and we succeeded!

We do not only grow the business, we sincerely love what we do.
We make drivers' lives more practical in more than 255 cities in more than 27 countries.

Technical production designs that arouse interest.

Rulomatik's production, which is offered to people, is a powerful and emotional product.
It always draws attention in the location

You can find the datasheets that will help you to browse the technical issues of Rulomatik products on the website. Contact our expert using our contact forms and learn more about Rulomatik.


The technical drawings were made as a completely interesting design for the consumer.

It immediately attracts attention in its location. Microfiber car towels, which are sold automatically from the Rulomatik™ vending machines, allow people to discover and impressed by the vitalizing features of the vehicle's surface. Nowadays, we have also included its antibacterial feature and you can try all these features only in Rulomatik™


The microfiber car drying towel is the first need of drivers who wash their cars.

Even after repeated car washes, the car will not be clean if a car towel is not used. It is compatible with all model cars.
Everyone will want to use the polish and vitalization feature which is offered a standard.

Rulomatik Distributorship business model is profitable for two main reasons;

Big Demand - High Profit Margin

We have developed a business model that will help you become a successful Rulomatik™ business partner.
Get a detailed presentation
Get all terms and conditions along with profit calculation for your Country or Region.
Source: Rulomatik distributorship statistics sales data.
  • 23.719 EUR
    Monthly profit for Rulomatik vending machine.
  • %900
    Average gross profit margin.
  • %700
    Avarage net profit margin.
We offer products to meet the needs of drivers.

It is suitable for more than 200 country currencies.

Rulomatik ™️ turns into a 24/7 vehicle drying towel sales organization with vending machines all over the world.
We offer these practical disposable products for the needs of every consumer.

Rulomatik; with its logistics center, headquarters, and production facility, offers products of the same quality at economical prices that eliminate the expenses such as cutting, folding, packaging, labeling, and ironing.

We offer vending machines and software systems for the needs of consumers.

Rulomatik ™️ uses the Stand-Alone method and is a global leader in production. Founders took the patent of Rulomatik; invented and worked on research and development and prototype for many years. They started production and added practicality to human life.

More than 20+ countries and 255 cities are already with us!
It takes an average of 6 weeks to bring and open a Rulomatik business partnership to your country, but you can start making a profit from the first day.
Rulomatik™ distributors, dealers are often readers of ideas, the future, open-minded, curious, entrepreneurial and always looking for ways to do better things are inspired by new ideas.

Thanks to the RULOCONTROL ™ application, you never lose contact with the Rulomatik vending machine. Thanks to Rulomatik vending machines and RULOCONTROL™ in different locations in your area, it is possible to view location information, remaining product information and fault information on a single server just like looking at your mails...
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  • Live Tracking
  • Vending Machine Tracking
  • Mobile Access Support
  • Report Grouping
  • Historical Tracking Records
  • Real Time Activity Management
  • Local Server Support
  • Remote Automat Controls
  • Vending Restrictions

Thanks to the RULOCONTROL ™ application, you never lose contact with the Rulomatik vending machine. Thanks to Rulomatik vending machines and RULOCONTROL™ in different locations in your area, it is possible to view location information, remaining product information and fault information on a single server just like looking at your mails.

  • To see the demands of the vending machine in the allocation area, Automatic vending machine order,
  • Ordering the inner reservoir product,
  • Organizing a regional advertising campaign within the allocation area,
  • Request for replacement of spare parts,
  • Social media PR management,
  • Online communication,
  • Product development/suggestion sharing,
  • Communicates directly with the representative of the Rulomatik.
  • Guaranteed product replacement,

You can do this viewing from any device with Internet connection (Mobile phone, Tablet, Laptop or desktop computer) and operating system (IOS, Android, MacOS or windows).


In the global market, Rulomatik provides consumers with the opportunity to purchase the products they need every minute of the day at the same quality and economic price, as well as strengthening its position in the marketor....
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In the global market, Rulomatik provides consumers with the opportunity to purchase the products they need every minute of the day at the same quality and economic price, as well as strengthening its position in the market thanks to competitive products and partner-oriented services. In addition to organic growth in the global market, local gains in the established markets contributed to the overall increase, with patented products specifically addressing the self-service car wash sector.

The implementation of ongoing strategic initiatives based on sustainability policy is progressing in a planned manner. Rulomatik's steady and profitable growth is achieved thanks to its strong brand recognition, healthy financial structure, effective product planning, and efficiency-oriented strategy. In the second half of 2019, with the emphasis on global expansion, Rulomatik™ increased its consolidated revenues by 63 percent, exceeding the turnover targets together with its distributors. In addition to the total growth, which makes this success sustainable and creates a satisfactory growth rate, the growth of 82.5 percent in the country's distributorships and dealers, which are open compared to the previous year, gives us strength.

Increasing customer traffic, new customer acquisition, increasing return to sales ratio and the right product-right price strategy ensure the continuity of this growth.

In addition to effective expanding performance of Vending Machines in existing countries, we granted distributorship licenses to 23 new countries and regions in the January-December period. We continuously review our investments on the basis of efficiency. With confidence and power of the vending ecosystem in the World, we will open 30 new Rulomatik country distributorships and in-country dealerships that we planned for 2020 years and we will continue to grow.


Every day in the world, it is washed and washed by billions of car and car drivers, a microfiber car towel is an important requirement in the world in which we live and work. Rulomatik™ vending machines are designed to provide efficient and sustainable systematic access to inner reservoir products...
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Every day in the world, billions of cars are washed by billions of drivers, a microfiber car drying towel is an important requirement in the world in which we live and work. Rulomatik™ vending machines are designed to provide efficient and sustainable systematic access to inner reservoir products.Rulomatik™ accompanies individuals to dry, clean, polish their cars and maintain cleanliness for a long time and becomes a habit over time. Rulomatik™ is recognized as the brand that ensures consistently high-quality products at an affordable price. No wonder five hundred thousand people rely on Rulomatik™ vending machines and products every day.Rulomatik™ engineering product, which is protected by patent after the research and development works of Rulomatik, sales vending machines for car/vehicle drying towels, vending machines for car floor mats, sports towels, beach towels, prayer products, and many other products, with coins or any other command system that can be sold as a self-service 7 days 24 hours with individuals, drivers throughout the world comfortably, economically, fast and consistently deliver the same quality products globally.

One of the most important reasons why Rulomatik™ sales vending machines become popular in the working systems is that they provide the same quality products at the affordable prices that consumers can reach by eliminating the costs of cutting, folding, ironing, packaging, labeling, and gelatinization. Today, Rulomatik is active in dozens of countries and is ready to be present in 74 countries in the near future. Together with its distributors, business partners and dealers worldwide, more than 8500 Rulomatik™ vending machines are open day and night.

Every day, over five hundred thousand consumers buy microfiber car drying towels and colored car floor mats for their cars from Rulomatik™ vending machines. Rulomatik™ products are attractive to people even in certain ethnic and economic groups.Rulomatik™ vending machines, which work in accordance with all kinds of payment channels such as coins/banknotes/tokens/credit cards, and quickly meet the product needs in return, appeal to all kinds of income groups. Produced in accordance with international quality norms, Rulomatik™ vending machines should not make you surprised that five hundred thousand people rely on Rulomatik™ products and vending machines every day.


Watch how Rulomatik makes practical drivers life.

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More than 20+ countries have already joined us!

We currently have distributors in 27 countries, and we have more than 200 regional dealers affiliated with these distributors and we are working to reach more than 74 countries soon!

Located in Bursa, which is the industrial center at junction of Europe and Asia; With its head office, production facility and logistics center, Rulomatik™ manages the entrepreneurial organization with a very focused vision.

As a result, we believe that working with the automats from Rulomatik™ is very fun and profitable. We are proud to have great loyalty between our global business partners. They all have the happiness of Rulomatik™ success.

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